Kingsford One Normanton Park



One Normanton Park Buyer's Stamp Duty (BSD)

Buyer Stamp Duty is computed based on the purchase price or market value of the property, whichever is higher.

 Prior to 20 Feb 2018, the BSD rate was up to 3%. With effect from 20 Feb 2018, there are differentiated BSD rates between residential and non-residential properties. The BSD rate for acquisition of residential properties on or after 20 Feb 2018 is up to 4%.

Buyer's stamp duty

One Normanton Park Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD)


Singapore Citizens
1st Property – 0%
2nd Property – 12%
3rd Property – 15%

Permanent Citizens
1st Property – 5%
2nd Property – 15%
3rd Property – 15%

1st Property – 20%
2nd Property – 20%
3rd Property – 20%

1st Property – 25%
2nd Property – 25%
3rd Property – 25%

One Normanton Park Purchase Timeline For Building Under Construction

Day 1: Signing of Option to Purchase (OTP) upon receiving deposit booking fee
Payment: 5% booking fee

Day 1 + 2 weeks
Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P) will be sent to Purchaser’s appointed law firm.
Payment: n/a

3 Weeks from receiving S&P
Purchaser to sign the S&P at the appointed law firm and prepare payment of Buyer’s Stamp Duty and Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (if applicable).
Appointed law firm will received the signed copy from Developer within 2 weeks
Payment: n/a

2 Weeks from signing S&P
Purchaser to make payment of Buyer’s Stamp Duty and Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (if applicable) within 2 weeks of signing.
Payment: Refer to Stamp Duty Guideline

On the 8th Week from Day 1
Payment: Remaining of the 15% down payment + further progressive payment (if applicable)